Sedgemoor Crematorium

Located in Bridgwater, Kent, Sedgemoor Crematorium is a peaceful setting that provides cremation services to the local people of Somerset and surrounding areas. The crematorium has a purpose built chapel which has seating for 91 people and standing room for a further 50 mourners. Where there is a large attendance, the lobby area can be used outside of the chapel where the service is relayed on a speaker system. Funeral services are scheduled in at 45 minute intervals which includes a 30 minute service. The staff at the crematorium are committed to delivering a dignified and personal service and if required, the chapel can be altered to create a suitable setting in which to conduct the service incorporating any traditions or customs. The chapel features a state of the art media system which provides a comprehensive media library. There are also facilities to record the service on video or audio if this is required. Where friends or family members are unable to attend the crematorium in person on the day, you can stream the service securely over the internet.
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Contact information

Red Lane, Bridgwater, TA6 4SR
Telephone 0127 868 0020

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