Parkgrove Crematorium

Surrounded by woodland and situated within a five acre site, Parkgrove Crematorium provides modern facilities for a dignified funeral service. The crematorium has its own dedicated multi-faith chapel which has seating for 165 people. Service times are allocated a period of one hour and they run throughout the day. Where larger congregations are expected, the foyer space can be used alongside the crematoriums public announcement system which can relay the service over speakers. Loop systems are also available for the hearing impaired. Services are quite personal and families are able to provide their own music which can be provided on CD. Alternatively if you prefer a more traditional approach, there is an organ available for music to accompany the service. Parkgrove crematorium is currently privately owned by a company called Parkgrove Crematorium Limited.
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Contact information

Douglasmuir, Friockheim, DD11 4UN
Telephone 0124 182 8959

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