Dundee Crematorium

As one of the older crematoriums Dundee Crematorium has been around since 1936 and stands within a four and a half acre site featuring some beautiful natural woodland just on the outside of Dundee. The crematorium is currently owned by Dignity Plc who have worked extremely hard to create and maintain a peaceful place to remember loved ones. The cremation service is your opportunity to say a final goodbye and that's where the staff at Dundee Crematorium can help. Every detail in relation to the service will be expertly planned ensuring that your wishes are respected. The service can include music, readings and more. The music can be provided by a traditional organ or by CD that you provide. The crematorium allows service times up to 45 minutes and there is a comfortable waiting room if you arrive early. The gardens of remembrance around the crematorium have been carefully designed so that they blend in as much as possible with the surrounding woodland.
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Contact information

McAlpine Road, Dundee, DD3 8SD
Telephone 0138 282 7259

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