Gloucester Crematorium

A funeral can be a difficult time for the bereaved and the staff at Gloucester Crematorium are there to make the process as easy as possible. Expertly delivered and professionally prepared funeral services are provided at the crematorium which is located just off the A48 Road at Coney Hill. The crematorium building shares a site with Gloucester cemetery and they are situated within more than 65 acres which has been carefully designed and maintained by the grounds maintenance team. Gloucester Crematorium works in line with the Charter for the Bereaved aiming to provide services to meet the ethical, environment and social requirements of the local community. There is also the Mulberry Room which provides a modern and peaceful environment including a fully licensed bar for family and friends to gather following a cremation service to celebrate the life of a loved one.
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Contact information

Coney Hill Road, Gloucester, GL4 4PA
Telephone 0145 239 6902

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