Enfield Crematorium

Enfield Crematorium is owned by Dignity Plc and operates in partnership with Haringey Council. Located on Great Cambridge Road, Enfield in Greater London, the crematorium has been serving local communities since it opened in 1938. It is currently one of the largest crematoriums in London. There are two chapels in the crematorium, referred to as The North Chapel and the South Chapel, both of which can seat a congregation of 150 mourners. The grounds around the crematorium are extensive, covering 50 acres, and the majority of this land has been dedicated to gardens of remembrance. Each service is unique and the bereaved will be helped every step of the way to create a personal service that fits in with religious, non religious or cultural traditions and customs. A speaker system is located within the crematorium which can be used during the service. Car parking is available on site with space for 69 vehicles.
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Contact information

Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, EN1 4DS
Telephone 020 8363 8324

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