Crownhill Crematorium

Set in 7 hectares of landscaped grounds, the crematorium is easily accessible from all locations. The buildings are elegantly designed and are on one level making disabled access relatively easy. Within the building there is one main chapel which is used for cremation services. The crematorium can be used by all faiths and denominations as well as those who don’t hold any beliefs. The chapel is comfortable and effectively decorated which can seat 80 people but extra space at the side of the chapel can be used to accommodate a further 30 people. For larger congregations there is an outdoor speaker system which can relay the service if this is needed. As you leave the chapel, mourners will exit through the East door which opens onto a paved area and wreath court where floral tributes are displayed. Music for the service can be provided from the chapel organ, a selection of hymns or from music supplied by the family.
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Contact information

Crownhill, Milton Keynes, MK8 0AH
Telephone 0190 856 8112

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