Liverpool Crematorium

Liverpool City Council currently manage Springwood Crematorium which was opened in 1975. Since then it has managed thousands of cremations and each one is approached with the same level of care, dignity and respect. The council are extremely conscious of the grief that surrounds a family at the time of a bereavement and so services are carefully planned to reflect the wishes of the deceased and their family. Services can be tailored to suit your specific requirements incorporating music and other elements to really create a fitting tribute to loved ones. Set within beautifully landscaped gardens, the crematorium offers a place of quiet contemplation and remembrance and can even offer a certain degree of comfort at what is often such a difficult time. The services that take place at Springwood Crematorium take place in one of two chapels which are available and funeral services take place at 30 minute intervals throughout the day.
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Contact information

Springwood Avenue, Woolton, L25 7UN
Telephone 0151 233 3004

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