Worcester Crematorium

Worcester Crematorium has been providing cremation services to the local area for a number of years. The Astwood Chapel has seating for 105 people with a small amount of space for standing if this is required. Service times are allocated throughout the day at 45 minute intervals. If you require further time an extension can be arranged but this will cost slightly more. For funerals with a large congregation, speakers can be used outside of the chapel so people can hear the service. The waiting room is sometimes used for overflow as well and there is a flat screen television here too where the service can be broadcast. Within the chapel itself there is also a large screen which can be used for visual tributes. The chapel is non-denominational and music can be incorporated into the service which is either provided by the family or accessed through the vast library of music which is provided in the chapel.
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Tintern Avenue, Worcester, WR3 8HA
Telephone 0190522633

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