West Suffolk Crematorium

Located in a rural setting, West Suffolk Crematorium is privately owned and managed by the Westerleigh Group who set very high standards for their crematorium. The crematorium is located on a 13 acre site which is beautifully landscaped and designed to fit in as much as possible with the natural landscape that surrounds the crematorium building. The staff at the crematorium are committed to helping families hold a respectful and dignified service for a loved one. The crematorium currently serves people from Bury St Edmonds through to Cambridge since it was opened. The comfortable and modern chapel has seating for 100 mourners and there is plenty of additional room for standing when the service is being attended by larger congregations. There is a large waiting room which can be used where the service can be screened if required. Within the chapel there is a traditional organ which can be used for music or there is a Wesley music system if preferred.
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Contact information

Risby, Bury St Edmunds, IP28 6RR
Telephone 0128 475 5118

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