City of Belfast Crematorium

Providing cremations for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the City of Belfast crematorium is situated within the grounds of Roselawn Cemetery on Ballygowan Road, Crossnacreevy. Cremation services are booked every 30 minutes allowing 20 minutes for the actual service. The church at the crematorium is open to all faiths and provides religious, non-religious and ethnic minority groups. Arrangements can be made for a Minister to lead the service with a sermon, prayers and readings. For non-religious services, some families wish to arrange their own service which can be arranged with a speaker. When you book a service, you can bring your own music CD along or the cemetery provides its own organist which is available to book as an extra. Cremations are available at the City of Belfast crematorium between the hours of 08:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday and 08:30 to 2pm on Saturdays. The crematorium is closed on a Sunday.
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Contact information

129 Ballygowan Road, Crossnacreevy, BT5 7TZ
Telephone 028 9044 8342

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