Cambridge Crematorium

Opened in 1938, Cambridge Crematorium on Huntingdon Road it was taken over by the council in 1950 and it currently has two chapels; the East Chapel which was opened in 1938 and the West Chapel opened later in 1991. The crematorium itself is located on a peaceful site with beautiful landscape gardens, tranquil areas and natural woodland making it a suitable place to scatter ashes. The crematorium offers many different ways in which families can commemorate and remember from and ornamental shrub to trees and roses. Ceremonies can be undertaken at the crematorium in either of the two chapels. Families can arrange for a minister to lead the service or you may wish to make arrangements for a non-religious service if preferred. Following on from the funeral you can choose a range of memorials including plaques, books of remembrance, roses vaults and more. All of these options can be discussed in more detail with the staff at Cambridge crematorium.
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Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0JJ
Telephone 0122 345 8000

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