Bedford Crematorium

In 1995 Bedford crematorium opened and it can be found at the Norse Road Cemetery. The chapel can accommodate up to 150 mourners and it has a number of interesting features. Cremated remains can be interred at one of four remembrance gardens and there are many different memorial options available to friends and family. The remembrance garden at Bedford crematorium is quite unique, in that it has been divided into four seasons. Cremated remains can be interred in any one of the season themed gardens, but it is usual that the remains are cremated in the season of the loved one’s death. Gardens are designed for peace, tranquillity and contemplation and the staff at the crematorium are available to discuss a fitting memorial. Plaques, rose bushes, trees and tablets are all available.
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Contact information

Norse Road Cemetery, 100-104 Norse Road, Bedford, MK41 0RL
Telephone 0123 471 8150

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