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Save on average £779 with our ‘Open’ Prepaid Funeral Plan Service. We cut out the expensive middlemen, so you can get the best deal directly from local independent funeral directors.

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The best-value plan on the market with the lowest fees

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The only plan where you can choose your funeral director and all your options, online

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Prices based on your local funeral director's fees, not on bloated national packages

How to compare Prepaid Funeral Plans with Beyond?

Compare Funeral Plans. It's free

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What does a funeral plan include and why is ours better?


To date, our plan has yielded a 3.7% return. Other plans only guarantee you RPI (2.8%) or even CPI (0.5%).

Administration Fees

Our plan has the lowest administration fee available (£195). Many companies will charge you over £1,000.

Funeral Director Fees

Choose your own funeral director and funeral options – other plans lump you in a 1-size-fits-all national package.

Cancellation Fees

If you change your mind, it’s only £149 to cancel. Other plan providers will charge you up to £700!

Sales Agent Commissions

We won’t spend any of your money on sales commissions. Other plans pay up to £800 to third parties.

How does our Open Funeral Plan compare to other funeral plans?

Avalon £3,995
Golden Leaves £3,460
Safe Hands £3,595
Co-op £3,625
Golden Charter £3,650
Age UK £3,650
Dignity £3,749
Pride Planning £3,895
Our average Open Plan £3,232
Our best Open Plan £2,151
Price includes Funeral Director fees, Cremation, wood effect coffin, 1 hearse & 1 limo. Our lowest cost is with Fosters Funeral Directors with a cremation at The Linn Crematorium.

Compare Funeral Plans. It's free

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What else to consider when choosing a prepaid funeral plan?

Check the plan
Check that the plan includes all of the necessary elements of a funeral. A “standard” plan will cover all of the funeral director’s fees, including collection of the deceased, a coffin, the cremation fees, a hearse and one limousine.
Investigate providers
Find out who provides the funeral plan and whether using them ties you to a specific chain of funeral directors.
Check the coffin
The coffin is an important focal point of the funeral, so watch out for what you’re sold. Most standard plans will come with a proper wood-veneered coffin however some use a cheaper wood-effect coffin.
Understand the costs
Understand which costs are guaranteed and which are not. Pay particular attention to whether third-party costs (also known as disbursements) are covered. If they are covered, ask how.
Be careful with sales agents
Watch out for pushy sales agents who pressure sell you a plan over the phone. They are often paid high-commissions by the plan provider and may not have your best interests in mind.
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