So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and actually write your will: well done! That’s half the battle. Now to find the best will writing service for your needs. Here’s what you need to know…


What to look for in a will writing service

Like any other important purchase, it’s a good idea to examine your options. Professional will writers come in all shapes and sizes. Have a think about:

  • Convenience: how easy is it for you to use? How long does it take?
  • Cost: how much is it?
  • Content: what is included in that cost?
  • Accountability: how can you be sure of the validity of your will?


How do will writing services work?

Here’s where we tackle the convenience part. There are a few different types of will writing service around:

  • In-person: you will have to make an appointment and go to the will writer’s office to make your will.
  • By post: you will have to fill out a form, post it, and wait for your will to be posted back. Or you can answer questions over the phone and wait.
  • Online: you can answer questions online, and print off the finished will yourself when it’s ready.

Even then, there’s a co-mingling of categories. At Beyond, you can make your will online, but we offer live chat and phone support along the way. Our experts also check all the wills, just like an in-person or postal will service.

So, if you want to find the best online will writing service for you, it’s best to check what’s included!


How much do professional will writers cost?

A solicitor will usually charge something like £150 to £200 for a single will. A will writing service will cost much less. At Beyond, we charge £90 for a single will, and £135 for two.

For that, you get:

  • A legally binding will
  • Checked by our experts
  • Bank-level identity verification
  • Live support over the phone
  • Registration with the National Will Register (usually worth £30)
  • Unlimited updates to your will for the first year

With a £10-a-year subscription, you get:

  • Unlimited updates forever
  • Safe storage in our underground bunker
  • Updates whenever the law changes


What’s the difference between a will writing service and a solicitor?

A solicitor may work in a few different areas of law – like wills, property and trusts. But a will writing service specialises in wills (and sometimes also probate, like Beyond). Making your will with a solicitor usually costs more than using a will writing service.

However! This is a murky area, because a will writing company will of course employ someone with legal training around wills – such as a solicitor.


How can I get a free will service?

Be wary of a will service that claims to be free and isn’t part of a registered charity. Sometimes there are hidden costs. We cover the different free and cheap will writing services in our guide here.


Make a will online today

Beyond’s affordable online will writing service creates a legally binding will for you in just 15 minutes.

There’s no fuss, and no legal jargon to confuse you. We’ll ask simple questions about your wishes, and draft a complete, valid will for you. All you have to do then is print and sign.

Try it out! We won’t charge you until you download your finished will. Start writing your will here.

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