Contemplating your own death is grim work, but sometimes it has to be done – particularly if you have a family to take care of. Making a will is the only way to make absolutely sure that your assets will go where you want them to after you die.

Often, a solicitor is hired to do this (you can find more information about the cost of writing a will with a solicitor here) but it’s possible to make a free one, too. From simple documents to complex estates, this guide will tell you how to make a free will.


How to make a free will with Beyond

If you live in England or Wales and all your assets are held there, you can create a free will here on Beyond with a simple, guided, step-by-step process. It takes about 10 minutes in total.

Beyond’s free will writing tool will ask you for:

  • Your contact details
  • Your marital status
  • Whether you have any children or pets
  • Details of your next of kin
  • Details of your executor
  • Details of assets held in your name, such as bank accounts, vehicles, or property

As with most DIY solutions that show you how to make a free will, this tool is best suited to simple wills and there are some restrictions on its use (you can see the details in the FAQs section of our wills page).

If you don’t meet the criteria for this tool, or you have a complex portfolio of assets, you might find it more useful to look at other options.


How to make a free will with a solicitor’s help

Beyond’s tool can’t be used by people who live outside England and Wales or hold assets elsewhere. If you live in Scotland and Northern Ireland, or have a rather complicated estate, you might find it easier to get help from a solicitor rather than figure out how to create a will for free by yourself.

Making a will with a solicitor can cost anything between £100 and £600 plus VAT, depending on how complex the document is. However, there are a few ways to make a free will with this professional help:

  • Check whether your workplace or trade union offers a free will-writing service.
  • If you have home or car insurance, check whether your legal cover includes wills.
  • In March or October, check the Free Wills Month website for solicitors near you who are taking part.
  • Look for help from a charity like Will Aid or Will Relief Scotland.

Some other charities, including Cancer Research UK, the Stroke Association, and the Children’s Hospital Charity, offer to cover the cost of writing a will. If you go for this option, consider leaving them a bequest to support their work and make sure they can carry on offering this service in the future.


Making a will yourself for free

Sometimes, making a will really is as simple as leaving a document that says you want to leave everything to your partner, and to your children after they die. If that’s all you need, there are plenty of DIY ways to learn how to write a will for free.

These days, many local stationers sell template will kits. You can also find guides online – useful if you don’t qualify for Beyond’s free tool – and the government is considering changing the law to make it easier to write a free DIY will. You can check for updates on this here.


Have you tried making a will for free using any of the services above? How did it go? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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