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Paws for thought

The RSPCA estimates that around 70,000 pet owners die each year without making a will. This is a huge problem, because it leaves the future of their pets uncertain. After all, pets who outlive their owner still need a home — ideally one where they can expect lots of treats and/or belly-rubs.

It often falls to animal charities to pick up the slack. Some, like Dogs Trust and Cats Protection, spend a lot of time and effort rehoming pets. But this costs money. And less wills means fewer donations to support their important work.

That’s why all charities should be encouraging more will-writing. And getting an online wills partner is the perfect way to start. Here’s 5 reasons why online wills are great for your animal charity:


Assigning a pet guardian

It’s really easy for your supporters to assign a pet guardian using an online will. Pet guardians look after pets if the owner dies before them. Unlike child guardians, they care for the pet for its whole life.

This is great because it keeps pets out of shelters, helping charities to focus on those pets who actually need to be there. It also frees up charity funds for animals who need extra care and attention.


More legacy gifts

Animal charities do a great job of looking after vulnerable pets, or those that need a new home. But much of this work relies on donations from supporters.

With an online will, it’s easy for supporters to leave gifts to your charity. They are prompted to support your charity’s work with a legacy gift in their will. This can be either a sum of money, an item or a fixed percentage of their estate. 


Add pets in the future

Online wills are super-easy to update, so there’s no hassle if your supporters get another pet.

With unlimited updates, they can simply login to their online will and add another pet as the newest member of the family. Updateable wills ensure that no pet gets left behind!


They save your supporters (play)time

Writing a will online saves tedious trips to high-street solicitors. They’re also easy to do, which means that more wills are actually written. Online chat and free phone support is also available, just in case your supporters have questions along the way.


They’re cost-effective

At just £90, an online will is much more affordable than traditional alternatives. Your supporters can then put the added savings to good use. They could invest in pet care cover, or even leave some money to their pet’s guardian.


Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about how online wills are helping animal charities, then send a message to [email protected].


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