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wendy lake

27th Feb 1963 - 20th Jul 2019
56 years
My sister Wendy had a rough life losing her husband when the 2 children were under 10, but she carried on facing all problems of which there were many. She would always help if she could and never expected anything back. She was suffering with eating problems and her heart was not good because of this weighing around 7 stone at death. She had a massive heart attack 2 weeks before she died and was in for stents over a week. She suddenly had an attack on Tuesday 23rd July was rushed to hospital but sadly passed. We were not able to say goodbye which makes it so much harder to deal with especially my mum who only recently lost her husband from cancer. Her 2 sons have no parents now and her oldest has a young baby 7 months old which she adored and spent every minute with ad was so pleased because she loved looking after children. We now face a lot of uncertainty financially and any donations would be so welcome to help the 2 boys come to terms with being on their own.


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