Shafiqullah habibi

2nd May 1970 - 18th Dec 2021
51 years
He was a kind and hard working man, who worked hard to provide for his family, even though he didn’t have a good life he never let that stop him from spending time with his kids. he was constantly suffering from working long hours to support his family but never complained he was treated badly by fools but still remained strong. Last time I talked to him I told him how much I hated him and his kids, I wish I could go back and tell him how much I loved him it’s been 3 years and I can’t stop thinking about him every time I see his children I feel regret. Every time I smell cigarettes I remember him it’s a foul smell but I can’t help but feel at peace. Everyone thinks I never felt any remorse as they hadn’t seen me cry after he passed but I think about him everyday, I pray for him every night He never found peace in this life but ik he is finally resting is peace now❤️


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