Pat cooper

16th May 1947 - 4th Oct 2021
74 years
Pat was my darling mam, she was also my best friend, I miss her so much, I can’t get over that she’s gone forever, I just want her back so much, she was a brilliant mam and brought her 2 kids before anyone or anything, she was the kindest person you could ever meet, she was a hard worker and worked from leaving school right up till her retirement, she was a straight talker & would tell anyone to their face that way you knew exactly where you stood with her, she was never 2 faced which made her a very popular person, she would make Christmas extra special for me and my brother we always got what we wanted, she raised us with manners morals & respect, me and my brother were loved off everyone when we were growing up with our lovely manners thanks to our mam, she was simply the best and her passing has left us devastated,


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