Funeral Service

12th Feb 2021 3.00PM
Address:Surrey & Sussex Crematorium, Balcombe Road, Crawley RH10 3NQ
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Leonard John Goldsmith

Leonard John Goldsmith

23rd Nov 1943 - 8th Jan 2021
77 years
Dad, Leonard John Goldsmith, was born on 23rd November 1943 at Jamestown Road, Kentish Town, London. He has an older sister Jean and a younger brother Steven. Lenny married Christine in 1965. They have four children, Karen the eldest born in 1967, a son, Keith in 1969. In 1970, Dad and Mum relocated to Merstham in Surrey. In 1973 and 1978, their other two daughters, Janet and Linda arrived to complete their family. Dad has twelve grandchildren and two great grandchildren, with the third due in March 2021. During Dads work as a lorry driver/warehouse man, he took to the roads early in the mornings to make his deliveries around London and the surrounding counties. At 63, the haulage company he was employed by ceased trading and he decided to take early retirement. Around twelve years ago Dad was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Lung Disease. His consultants had averaged a five-year life expectancy. However, he amazed them and his doctors, and despite being unable to undergo clinical trials and medications, he proved them wrong! Dad took his illness in his stride, one day at a time, anything for a quiet life. During 2020, Dads health was beginning to decline. He was in hospital for his 77th birthday in November last year as he was unable to swallow. Despite, his best efforts to not be admitted, he remained in hospital for a few days undergoing procedures and tests. He was discharged from hospital to await the results, which arrived just before his and Mums 55th wedding anniversary. Dad was diagnosed with secondary bone cancer, with the primary site unknown. His prognosis was a shock to us all. Weeks. Dad slipped peacefully away on 8th January 2021. Janet remembers that Dad could never resist the opportunity to have a laugh with friends and loved ones, given half the chance. She will cherish her memories of Dad drinking his favourite tipple, listening to music and singing along word for word with family. He was his happiest when left to his own devices, whether it was building a shed, tending to the house and garden or fixing his cars of which he had many. Dad built a shed or two at the end of the garden, where he keeps bits and pieces which may be useful one day! Karen remembers, Dad always worried about his girls and did not go to sleep until he knew we were safely home. He was keen that I was able to look after and fend for myself. He made sure that I was able to change a tyre on my car and do basic car maintenance back in the days when cars had timing belts, plugs and points, and changing the brake blocks. Dad talked me through how to do things, like changing a light fitting over the phone, change a flat flush electrical socket in my kitchen, if I needed any help or advice dad was always there. Some weekends Dad would open the ‘Old Grouse’ and whatever else anyone fancied, play records and we’d have a dance to Status Quo, Queen, singing to Black Lace Agadoo, Hey Fatty Boom Boom and Grandads old 78’s.


Lesley Badham
Just a small tribute We didn’t know Dad but we know Karen and how she spoke of him and would just like to contribute after reading Dads story it’s so uplifting and lovely ty for including us , and so this is In memory of a wonderful Dad and Man sending our love to you all ... It is such a special day that we all celebrate someone’s life But for those that have lost someone it’s raw and cuts through like a knife So we conjure them up deep inside our mind We remember them happy laughing loving and kind We like to imagine them still at our side We spend hours ,days and years with tears that we just can't hide But those that have gone from this living plain Will wait in the afterlife to see us all again Sometimes they visit and move in close And some of us see or hear them and some of us don't They do come to see us every single day They watch us and love us still, come what may They come when your alone resting or it's very quiet They will come and lay with you during the night Don't be afraid they mean you no harm They just want to see you happy again and staying calm The body they were in for you all to view Has been replaced now with one that's bright and new It's transparent and pure and cant feel your touch But they are near and aware that you loved them so much They are as proud of you as you are of them There's children , pets , women and men They all are in that wonderful spiritual place And await you to come so they can again see your face Please Don't ever stand at my grave and cry Please they ask me to tell you ALL ,they didn't die They have moved on to another perfect dimension And you will see them again honest ..just please pay attention So when your feeling down and feeling alone please just pick up the spirit phone Tell them you love them tell them all And know they will still catch you when you fall They will send messages to you in a different way If you look close You will feel them and receive them come what may But For now I leave you with a message sent right from above Everyone you've lost is blowing you kisses and sending their love By Lesley and Steve B .. 2021
Carol kelly
I can remember Karen's dad from weybridge in Surrey when he used to visit Karen's in Elgin Road lots of good memories hey karen from what I can remember from 1994 and meeting Karen's dad he was always friendly with a lovely smile and loved karen David so much ...its ok karen we will always hold on to the good memories of your self david and bless his heart roger whom we thought alot of to ... God rest his soul and is still sadly missed by us all and fellow police officers to ... love you karen and david to thinking of all the family
Janet Wood
Not a day passes by, Dad that you don't cross my mind. Not all of you departed when you left our earth behind. In my heart there is a place that only you can hold. Filled with loving memories more priceless than gold. I know you still hear me Dad so please know this is true that everything I am today is all because of YOU.