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Joyce Frost nee Rhodes

Joyce Frost nee Rhodes

4th Oct 1941 - 27th Jan 2020
78 years
Mum was born in Nottingham in 1941, during WW2. Her earliest memories were of being in an air raid shelter. She had two older brothers, George and Donald, they were both much older than her and George served in the Parachute Regiment. She remembered him coming home on leave with sweets which she thought that was smashing! She told me she didnt have a banana until she was nearly 12! Her Father George died when Mum was only 18 months old. So it was just her Mum ( my Nanna) and her. I think she had a lonely childhood as she had no other siblings of her age Unfortunately Nanna Rhodes died suddenly when Mum was only 17. A shock for someone so young! She then lived with a church friend, who took her in and classed her as her daughter. Mum worked in the Lace Factory at the time making Nottinham Lace items. But she decided to follow her heart and train as a State Enrolled Nurse at Highbury Hospital Nottingham. She lived in the Nurses home and this around the time she met my Father Ken, whilst on holiday at a church retreat. Mum qualified as a Nurse and married my father in 1962. They lived in Nottingham for the first two years of their marriage and had 2 children in quick succession, my Brother Timothy born 1963, and me Deborah born 1964. They ran a small florist shop and lived above the shop at 98 Raleigh Street but times were hard financially and Mum & Dad decided to move to Dawley in Telford , Dad was able to get work at the local ironworks. My sister Evangeline was born in 1970. Mum never really went back to nursing , not until my teens, and she worked privately in local nursing homes. Mum & Dad moved around a lot, but the big stable thing in Mum's life was her faith and love for God .After we all left home, Mum moved with Dad to Dorset and settled there. She worked as a nurse at The Manga Nursing home, until she retired due to ill health. Life was cruel really, as Mum had chronic rheumatoid arthritis which limited her mobility, then in the last 5 years she has suffered with Congestive heart failure, which gradually got worse, as the years progressed. After many stays in Bournemouth General hospital, the final one came on January 27th 2020, where her heart couldn't take anymore. She past away with my father at her side. She was aged 78. She was loved by her family greatly and will be missed forever. Our hearts are broken because we were loved .Mum has been laid to rest at Poole and Wimborne Woodland Burial Grounds, Colehill Wimbourne Dorset.


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