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Funeral Service

23rd Nov 2020 1.15PM
2 attendees:TJSM
Director:Southall Funeral Service
Address:Breakspear Crematorium, Breakspear Road, Ruislip HA4 7SJ
Google Map of Breakspear Crematorium, Breakspear Road, Ruislip HA4 7SJ
Dress code:Classic GJT
Notes:Sadly, a maximum of 25 people can attend. Please join from outside the crematorium if you wish. Service will be live streamed also. Warm wishes to you all in this time of immense grief. Ellie x

Funeral Reception

23rd Nov 2020 12.00AM
1 attendee:SM
Address:N/A, N/A, 0000
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Notes:Sadly, due to lockdown restrictions there will be no wake. However, next Spring/Summer (or whenever it is possible), there will be a memorial service for all who knew and loved our dear Glennie.
Glen Johnson-Taylor

Glen Johnson-Taylor

4th Jul 1949 - 8th Nov 2020
71 years
Glen was the good girl of rock n roll, always favouring glamour and good wine over leather jackets and beer. She led a life that most of us can only dream about, having spent her 20s hanging out with famous rock stars and living the 'It girl' life in the UK and Malaga. Glen was always fun and never boring. She 'adopted' many children and treated them as her own. She was always there to give us her advice or take us to task when we were behaving badly. But above all, Glen was a loving Mum to Louise and a doting grandmother to Maddison and Cheyanne. The special relationship between these four is something that many of us don't get to experience in life: the closeness, the shared lives, the love, the laughter, and the ability to always be oneself.Glen was always beautiful, immaculately turned out and with exquisite style. She never became an old lady and we have some comfort in knowing that Glen would be happy about this. Glen was adored and loved by all who met her and will never be forgotten We hope all can remember and share memories of Glen on this page xxx


Miss j johnsontaylor
A beautiful lady x RIP Glen. You will live on through your girls xx
Charlotte Wilson
Sending all my love at this difficult time xx
Liping Wang
Glen: I am in China, in shock, in tears and in denial. I was still waiting for more of your novel "NEVER GOOD ENOUGH" coming to my email. You did promise me this summer. I was still looking forward to our usual Xmas meeting up....We shared an office twelve years ago, also shared so many personal stories and had had so much fun together. You always had a beautiful mind, yet you still followed your heart in life. You were always true to yourself and I admire you for it. Remember one day we were in a hurry to catch the last post? you still 'wasted' time touching on your makeups. I said: Glen, we are only going to the post office! You winked and replied: never miss an opportunity, you never know:)". Well, I never knew this.. I missed your wink, your great sense of humour, your beautiful personality. I have to say goodbye to you now my dear friend. Love always! Liping
Kerry l watts
With lots of love to Lou, Hanif, Maddi and Chey at this sad time. God bless Glen - beautiful inside and out 💞 Kerry, Gaz, Harry, Jane & Roger xxxx (£50 from Kerry & Gaz, £75 from Jane & Roger)
Ms T L Jones
My gorgeous Glen, I will miss you so much, your smile, your laughter, your wisdom. You will be forever young & the brightest star in the sky. Dear Loui, you, Maddi & Chey were your Mum's world, she was so proud of you all.... keep looking up, lots of love from Teresa, Tony & Mini Mum xxx
Mrs d l quinton
So sorry to hear the sad news of Glen’s passing,such a lovely lady,always had a little chat and always had a smile.RIP Glen
Sarah Jane Marsden
To a very special lady of whom I have the best memories, Thank you for everything you did me for through my wild years, I wish I thanked you in person when I last saw you and really told you , you will never leave my heart glen ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ellen Gleeson
Today as I walked through the autumn streets of Berlin, sun shining and golden leaves everywhere, I instantly thought how much you would love to be here walking with me and how sad it is that you never had the chance to make the trip here to visit me. Then I had the strong sense that you were with me and I gained some comfort in the thought that you will now always be walking alongside all of us, with the miles between us no barrier. I am sorry that I took our relationship for granted, not feeling like I had to always heavily invest in it because I thought you would always be there. How wrong I was and how I wish I had learnt this lesson from someone who meant less to me than you do. My second Mum, my confidant, my friend, always beautiful right to the end. I will miss you more than words can describe and I hope you know that I will always be a good sister to Loui and auntie to Maddi and Chey - these are relationships I will now never take for granted. Love you Glennie x
R.I.P GLEN...🙏🏽
Mrs D P Phillips
My Dear Friend Glen, I'm going to miss our walks, talks your witt and humour, we did have some laughs 😁 Fly high my lovely, see you over the rainbow 🌈 ❤️ 🙏 ❤️ xx