Derek Gordon Palmer

8th Mar 1931 - 26th Jan 2021
89 years
Grandad was born on Sunday the 8th of March 1931 in Wrottesley Park Tettenhal. His father was Joseph Palmer and his mother was Bertha Georgina Palmer nee Dallaway. He was one of 11 children, not much is known about Grandad’s childhood but we do know that he was raised on a cottage at Birches Road and started working at the local farm with his father at the age of 8. He met his wife Violet in 1952 at Wolverhampton Swimming baths, she was 16 and he was 21. In 1953 Nan was working one of her shifts as a bus conductor for Wolverhampton City Council when Grandad randomly jumped on at one of the stops. He said to nan that he had something for her, in view of everyone on the bus, Grandad pulled out a box containing a solitaire ring and asked Nan to marry him. Nan said yes where he swiftly said he was going and then jumped off the bus without paying his fare, he could have got Nan the sack if the inspector was around! At the age of 23 in 1954 Grandad joined the Royal Pioneer Core for the South Staffs Regiment until the age of 25. This was part of his National Service where he reached the rank of Sergeant.   On the 19th of March 1955 Derek Gordon Palmer married Violet Price at St Stephens Church Wolverhampton. Nan and Grandad moved in to 72 Moat Brook Avenue in 1957, this was their first house where they welcomed all 3 of their girls. In 1958 Gillian was born, Jennifer Ann in 1960 and Janette Margaret in 1962. Grandad would have loved to have had a son but after having a 3rd daughter there were to be no more so he gave nick names to the girls. Gillian was Harry, Jennifer was Billy and Janette was Reg. These names have stayed with them with the exception of Gillian who was called Lil. The family moved to Coven Heath when the girls were in secondary school staying for 21 years. Nan and Grandad got in to CB Radio’s whilst living in Coven Heath, Grandads handle was Big Dek and Nan’s was Lucky Dip. The radio was kept in the kitchen and the girls were often woken up to the sound of Grandad repeating 1414 for a copy. His main Job was a wagon driver delivering potatoes, he would travel the country collecting potatoes from the farms and then take them to the chippies and to the shops. Grandad was strong and was able to carry 2 bags of potatoes at a time. In the 80s he became a Grandad which he loved. He would go down on his hands and knees with his grandchildren sitting on his back riding him like a horse with them sometimes wearing his motorbike helmet and gloves. Grandad has 6 Grandchildren and 7 Great Grandchildren. Nan and Grandad retired to Weston Park and lived there in a nice warm bungalow for the next 21 years. His love for Cowboy films, Jeremy Kyle and nature programs were almost as high as the volume he watched them at. He would often say to Nan to stop talking about him but in this case, he would love being centre stage for everyone to watch and remember.


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