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Funeral Service

22nd Mar 2021 12.30PM
4 attendees:WHLLDRDK
Address:Lambeth Crematorium, Blackshaw Road, London SW17 0BY
Google Map of Lambeth Crematorium, Blackshaw Road, London SW17 0BY
Clare Ann Walters

Clare Ann Walters

25th Feb 1964 - 5th Feb 2021
56 years
"Hour given to summer and summer tum" Clare Walters text to Tejas (James) - 26th March 2017 Clare passed over in her sleep at Croydon University Hospital on the morning of the 5th February 2021; her Doctors reassure us that she would not have felt any pain in her passing. We also now know that Reuben, who works at the Hospital with his wife Mary & who were both Clare's London housemates, saw Clare there (she was on his ward). Before Clare fell asleep for the last time ... she will have seen Reuben too. We understand she seemed a bit stronger, a bit better at that point. Clare had a friendly, caring presence close by ... near the end. A heartening thought indeed. A message from her partner Tejas (James) - to those I have already met & know, & to those I have yet to meet, such deep thanks & gratitude. I hear each & every one of you. I have been feeling into the meaning of the above text; & right now it seems to me that it's about bringing Clare's light, her joy, her groundedness to even more souls, wherever they may be. Clare didn't lead a small life, it wasn't who she was; there were so many that she touched. I would like to invite you all to share whatever is in your heart on this memorial page about darling Clare. Memories, photos, poetry, prose - whatever feels right, to create a celebration for Clare. Namaste. I got Clare interested in Falconry; I preferred Eagles, Clare preferred Owls (but they're all adorably amazing beings of course). In that spirit there are two places we love & we know would greatly appreciate donations - Herrings Green Activity Farm & Bird of Prey Centre (nr Bedford), & Dorset Falconry Park / Xtreme Falconry (nr Dorchester). You can donate to them here: Herrings Green Activity Farm Dorset Falconry Park (to adopt a bird. I've been assured by Xtreme Falconry that's the best method to go with) Funeral / cremation arrangements are still being finalised, online celebrations are also being arranged, & will be communicated in due course (via this memorial page). Please keep checking back as we will keep it updated. Thank you. Your family donations (for funeral costs and related expenses) will be greatly appreciated in these ... interesting times. Thank you again. Clare & I went on many adventures, we enriched each other in our time together & Clare certainly expanded who I am. One day, on a holiday to Santorini, we ended up at the top of the high cliffs (to visit some of the island's ancient ruins) & I unexpectedly suffered my first, & so far only, attack of serious vertigo as we walked up the path. I just couldn't go any further, Clare did ... but on her way forward she asked others going back the other way to look out for me. That says so much about who Clare is & what she would do for us all. "Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day" Captain Sir Tom Moore


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Mrs H E Hymers
I have only just found out about this devastating news. I have known Clare since we were 3 years old and have so many, many memories of her and our enduring friendship over 53 years. At this moment, I have no words. Helen
Gisella McGuinness
It wouldn't have been possible without you. Infinite thanks x
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Anna M G McGuinness
It wouldn't have been possible without you. Infinite thanks x
MEH van Cruchten
I am so sorry I cannot give more but I hope it helps. I will genuinely miss Clare
Muriel van Cruchten
Clare was an amazing woman and I will always hold her in high regard. We were colleagues but also becoming friends talking about so many things. She would always listen and give great advice. Clare was so kind, caring, patient, had a great sense of humour and stood by her principles no matter what. She also told amazing stories about her life adventures. I will truly miss her. Dear James, I am sending you my sincere condolences and even though Clare and I only knew each other for a short time she has made a real impression and I will never forget her. Lots of love, Muriel
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Sara Devoy
So wonderful to attend the funeral on the airways...just singing along with dear Leonard so wonderful he could be there as well. In true Clare style if any of you are coming to South Western Ireland look me up. Any heart friend of Clares is so welcome.
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H J Constantinides
Dear James, I'm gutted I missed Clare's funeral yesterday. I have made a donation which I hope will help in some way. Peace and love, Helen
Helen Constantinides
Farewell amazing Clare. You were a huge inspiration to me and an amazingly caring and kind soul. I loved your sense of humour and your giggle was completely contagious. I still can't believe I won't see you in the flesh and be able to give you a hug. I have thought of you often and will continue to do so. I love that we shared a huge love and knowledge of the Edinburgh Festival, theatre and live music as well and I could talk to you for hours, as we did during the first lockdown! It was an absolute priviledge to know you. You are always in my heart. Much Love.
Thank you for the possibility to view the funerals from a distance. It made it possible for me in Belgium to take part virtually to the obituary and listen to all the wonderful speeches, stories, poems that have been given to honor Clare. Warmest love to all her friends, family members and especially companion and god daughter.
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