Funeral Service

7th Aug 2020 3.00PM
Director:Morse Funeral Services
Address:GreenAcres Chiltern, Potkiln Lane, Beaconsfield, HP9 2XB
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Belinda Hodson

Belinda Hodson

17th Jan 1969 - 26th Jul 2020
51 years
This site it dedicated to the memory of Belinda Hodson who died on the 26th July 2020, she is much loved and will always be remembered. Belinda's Funeral Service will take place on Friday 7th August at 3pm at GreenAcres Chiltern, Potkiln Lane Beaconsfield HP9 2XB. Parking is available within the woodland. Family flowers only please. Donations in memory of Belinda are greatly appreciated to Centurion Healthcare. These will benefit Rosie, who has special needs, and will go towards playground equipment at her home Penley Grange. Cheques should be made payable to 'Centurion Healthcare' and may be sent c/o Morse Funeral Services, 7 Aysgarth Place, Church Road, Iver Heath, SL0 0RE.


Fiona Andreas
So shocked to have gone on to your facebook page tonight to send you a message as you’ve been on my mind the last few days. And to find you have gone has broke my heart😔💔I’m so glad I caught up with you properly a couple of years ago. I remember our days in Harrods with Guerlain so fondly, all the fun we had💖you were a beautiful fun loving girl. RIP gorgeous girl💔💞💖🤍🕊xxxx
My darling Belinda, I have often thought of you over the years and reminisced about the fabulous crazy time we had as teenagers growing up in beaconsfield, I had made a few very poor attempts to catch up with you and decided this year I would most definitely do this as too much time had gone by, however today obviously I had learned that you are now a real angel in every sense of the word. I am so so sorry that we did not manage to get together. I remember raiding your mum and dad's drink collection making blue hawaii cocktails, photo shoots by your pool and in your mum and dad's ensuite, the sleepovers....remember the time you had a sleepover at mine and we tried to sneak out of my house once mum and dad had gone to bed and my dad caught us trying to climb out of the dining room window. We had so many laughs together and always felt so safe together. I have a few wonderful photos of you but massive amounts of fabulous memories. I truly regret that we never caught up but want you to know you have always been in my thoughts, we had such a shared passion for Depeche Mode and David Sylvian, and I always think of you when I hear that music. I don't know the reason you left earth so quickly, but for sure I know that heaven is pretty much perfect now you are there. God bless sweetheart, until the time I will see you again. All my love forever, tracy. Xxxxx [email protected]
Nick Hodson
My Tribute to Belinda read at her funeral Like my cousin Neil I was just eight years old when Belinda was delivered into this world At eight years old deliveries, by stork or otherwise, are not really of great importance to the everyday life of a young kid, unless they are from Santa Claus or the postman on your birthday And I never knew Belinda herself, was eight years old when Neil and I, as cousins, had become like brothers and I was a regular house guest at Corinna, the family home staying weekends and on school holidays. At that age our Little Belinda was her big brothers’ Neil, Stuart and my Princess, she was the most beautiful and pretty little girl you could lay your eyes upon.. Her radiant smile would touch your soul and her laughter, well it would bring joy to your heart. We adored her. As, she did us, looking up to us as strong young men. And I never knew Belinda went through her teen age years at Oakdene and Beaconsfield High. Our first controversy was in 1987 when Neil and I enjoyed a holiday with teenage Belinda and two friends Myfanwy and Sam, at Uncle Peter and Aunty Jean’s beautiful apartment in Spain. You see, a raw cut onion was left in the apartment fridge and to me having been a manager of a Wine Bar and Restaurant and having felt the wrath of the Health and Safety Inspector for having such an onion in our fridge. I felt duty bound to point out that a raw onion absorbs toxin and bacteria from surrounding foods. I knew Neil hadn’t done it so that left three possible guilty parties. Belinda, Myfanwy and Sam were called up before myself the Regimental Sergeant Major, I lined them up called them to attention and Myfanwy having a father in the military I think even saluted. It was then pointed out to them the dangers of leaving a raw cut onion in the fridge and the effects the toxins and bacteria could have on our delicate stomachs and the health of all of us. They were duly asked who had committed such a heinous crime, with three of them not making eye contact with me as a paraded justly officious and righteous before them. I heard Belinda’s voice quietly say ‘I think it was me’ I think I did detect some distain in her voice, maybe it was regret. Well, of course I reiterated the dangers and the fact she could have stricken us all with sickness. After they were dismissed surprisingly the girls seemed to have little to do with me the rest of that holiday and for some reason went without onion in their food Belinda, never ever, ever forgot Oniongate and I say Damn You Internet because a few years ago she had googled onions in the fridge and toxins and it turned out it is an urban myth. My Goodness she never stopped going on about it and that year I got an onion gift wrapped for Christmas But, even after that holiday and Belinda going to work on the cruise ships and her start into becoming up a Make Up Artist I never knew I never knew that this fantastic, beautiful, intelligent, charismatic, hilarious, wonderful, generous Mother to Harry and Rosie, daughter to Peter and Jean, sister to Neil and Stuart, niece to Joan and Mum Lorraine, cousin and friend to all those here and those who couldn’t make it would become one of my bestest friends, more than a friend more like a sister. Over the years we have laughed and cried together and on our journey offering assistance and love to each other through the ups and downs, spending hours on the phone or in each other’s company. And,after I got married loving my wife Iuliana almost as much as I do I thought Belinda and I would grow old together, sit there in our old dotage, discussing knitting patterns, Belinda hated knitting! More like the two of us sitting laughing over something completely inappropriate and the cause and effect of laughter on our bladders. With my Bindi, jaws and bellies aching, both in tears from laughter, us linked arm in arm her screaming ‘Stop It ! Stop It !‘ I have never met a more generous soul than Belinda, If you were ever short of flowers in your home, well I would say just invite Belinda for dinner She would turn up at our house get out the taxi walk down the drive hidden by flowers She was like the Chelsea Flower show on legs, Of course we wouldn’t invite her just for the flowers she would bring chocolates too No, her generosity knew no bounds nor her humour I mentioned to her once that my feet got cold walking Django our dog what did she buy me? a pair of Kashmir socks I mentioned to her that my shoulders and neck ached next Christmas a Shiatzu massage shoulder and neck strap When I told her my wife never listens to me even when I shout the next Christmas she bought me an Alexa..... Belinda looked up to her brothers and me as the tough strong guys when she was a child but I think she was tougher and stronger than all of us with what life threw at her I doubt I will ever meet somebody more resilient, diligent and capable than her If you are lucky enough to have that person in your life that you would share knitting patterns with, or just share the most inappropriate humour with or just love, take care of them every minute is precious