Home Cremation

Why Choose Home Cremation?

With the average funeral cost now exceeding £3,437*
people are increasingly seeking alternative ways to say goodbye to their loved ones, in an aim to reduce the financial burden.

Home Is Where The Hearth Is

We are now delighted to be the first UK provider to offer a Home Cremation service, using our custom designed CremMate® caplet.

The recent surge in popularity for home births demonstrates the public's desire to bring significant life events closer to home and domicineration provides a truly cost effective and personal option for the modern family.

* Sunlife 2016 Cost of Dying Survey

Economical and Thoughtful

They say that no-one on their death bed wishes they'd spent more time at work and less at home. The same applies for money on a wake venue. A Home Cremation allows you to focus your funds where they really matter.

When You Don't Have Money To Burn

For just £299.99, we'll deliver the CremMate to your door, fully assembled, cleaned and ready to use * **

Save elderly relatives the stress of navigating to a new address by making your family home the centrepiece of the occasion.

* price includes delivery anywhere within the M25
** gas not included. Caplet works with all industry standard propane gas bottles
Average gas usage based on Burn Rate at Idle (BRAI) = 19kg.

Easy To Use

Everything is designed with hassle-free operation in mind, allowing you to relax and attend to friends and relatives.

Set and Reflect

Our patented PYRE® digital algorithm allows you to simply enter the age, weight and height of the deceased - from which the cremation duration is automatically calculated *

Keep The Home Fires Burning

For a more personal experience, the CremMate can be operated manually. Should its temperature drop too low, the Auto Restart Mode will activate, keeping proceedings on track.

* algorithm assumes an initial refrigerated state


The CremMate supports the trend towards personalising funerals, as well as having serious eco-credentials.

PHOENIX® Smoke Plume

Perhaps your loved one supported a football club or felt particularly proud of their country. Send them off in their team colours with a striking visual tribute, guaranteed to light up the neighbourhood.

Carbon Neutral

For every home cremation purchased through us, we offset CO2 emissions by planting a young tree (aprillus excors) in Buranda.


The CremMate comes with everything you need to make it a day to remember, taking the stress out of arrangements.

Disco Inferno

Use our built-in audio centre to pre-load readings for the service, or play some of their favourite dance-floor fillers during the wake.

Ash Back Guarantee

We guarantee that should any technical fault arise, we will collect the unit and return the deceased's ashes to you within 24hrs, as well as refunding the cost of equipment hire *

* Guarantee only valid if correct usage of the metal-detection unit (included) has been performed before cremation commences


We offer a selection of optional extras to enhance your CremMate experience and delight the senses.

Diffuser Module

Smell is proven to be closely linked with memory, so we've created a range of incense capsules based on scents which remind us of loved ones. Simply slot one in and relax, as warm memories waft.

Feed The Flame

Our dual gas connector will allow you to simultaneously operate the CremMate and a standard domestic BBQ from the same gas supply, giving you an inexpensive option for wake catering.


Dad was a Stoke fan and he would have been so proud to see the red and white smoke billowing out

Fayar E.

Fantastic. We saved enough money to go on a cruise...which is what Mum would have wanted

Ian & Fern O.

The grandkids loved helping me work the digital timer, it really felt like everyone was part of the day

Barbara Q.