Funeral Service

11th Jun 2019 11.00am
Director:Piper Funeral Services Caerphilly
Address:Thornhill Crematorium, Thornhill Road, Cardiff CF14 9UA
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Funeral Reception

11th Jun 2019 12.00pm
Address:St Cenydd Presbyterian Church,, Trecenydd, Caerphilly, Wales, CF83
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Notes:A thanksgiving service will follow the Crematorium service at St Cenydd Presbyterian Church, Trecenydd, Caerphilly
Tony Brookes

Tony Brookes

28th Jun 1933 - 14th May 2019
85 years
“Don’t worry, Chris, I’m going to be ok. God still has work for me to do.” These words, spoken wearily but with a sense of conviction, seemed at variance with his condition at the time. However, they do reveal something of the motivation at the back of all dad’s determination. At 6 years old, he gave his life to the Lord Jesus after hearing the gospel message in his local Elim church and watching the remarkable change in his parents after their conversion. As he grew in stature, he also grew in knowledge of his Saviour and His Word and soon met a girl who had a similar desire to serve the Lord. They married in 1953 and dedicated their lives to God’s service. They placed their home, finances, time and talents at God’s disposal and looked to him to guide them. Within a couple of years, it was very clear to both that God was calling dad to preach. So we grew up in a home where we were taught the scriptures from our earliest years and encouraged to trust Christ as our Saviour. Our parents loved the Lord, were active members in their local church and opened their home to any who were in need. They worked together teaching in Sunday School, running Holiday Clubs, children’s camps and outreach work, doing all they could to spread the gospel - dad in preaching and mum in song. Many times the phone would ring or the doorbell would go – someone needed to talk. Some just needed a listening ear, some needed the tea and cakes always on offer, some were in need of a temporary home and help to get sorted. I don’t recall a time when anyone was turned away. Their home was often the venue for lively debate, laughter and lots of singing. Sometimes they wondered how the finances were going to stretch but the Lord provided for every need. Does that make them perfect? No. The words of one of their favourite songs was “Only a sinner, saved by grace. Only a sinner, saved by grace. This is my story, to God be the glory, I’m only a sinner, saved by grace.” I can still hear mum singing “God’s still working on me” (usually when something had happened she wasn’t proud of) and I shall never forget dad’s last audible prayer, seeking God’s forgiveness. Dad’s great concern was to fulfil the Lord’s clear call to him, preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, teaching and strengthening believers and encouraging them to serve their Lord. For most of his life, he had amazing energy but even in the times when that energy failed, his desire to preach and teach others never waned. When he retired, there were many small churches needing preachers and he would travel many miles to help them. Even in his final years, when illness limited his range of activities, still he pushed himself to do as much as possible for as long as possible. He knew that “When this passing world is done, when has sunk yon radiant sun, when we stand with Christ on high, looking o’er life’s history, then Lord, shall I fully know, not ‘til then how much I owe.”


Ray adams
To Christine and family, Your dad will be greatly missed, I only knew him for the last year or so, His preaching, Bible studies will be greatly missed, He was a great blessing to me and when my wife passed away to be with the Lord, he was a great encouragement to me and was honoured to take the funeral service. We spent many times at his house putting tracts together, and Joan and myself helped him to set up web site for him, as he needed it for The Franklin Graham work he was doing, a great worker for the Lord, will be a great loss for our church, but he's now with His Lord Jesus whom he loved and served, miss him loads, many blessings RayAdams
David, Margaret & Catherine Gordon-Roberts
When Tony decided to come to our church, having had many preaching appointments with us, we were so pleased as a family. Tony was a warm-hearted man and we always found his word challenging and encouraging. As pulpit secretary, Tony was always ready to help me if someone let me down. Catherine, our disabled grand-daughter loved him - she said he was a man she could trust. If it had not been for Tony, we feel that many things would not have been done in our church eg new front door, chairs, notice board. He was an amazing bible teacher - our Bible studies were well attended. He led our choir and we went evangelising to residential homes and even Torch Trust invited us. He was instrumental in getting together with John Ash to get a men's breakfast here. He will be a great loss to St Cenydd Road Presbyterian Church. David and Margaret and Catherine Gordon-Roberts
Peggy Leigh
Dear Chris and family. Many condolences at the passing of your Dad and our best friend. He will be sorely missed by all of us. His friendship and guidance over the years has been amazing. We thank God for all he meant to us. Love Peggy and Morgan
Joan Everall
Condolences to Chris and all the family from all of us at St Cenydd Church. Tony will be sorely missed for all his services and teaching in the church and his friendship to many of us. God bless x.
Joan Everall
To Chris and family, I only knew him for a short while but what an encouraging man and truly dedicated to God in all he did. Many blessings Joan x
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