On average, funerals in the UK cost around £4,500. That’s a lot of money to pay up front, especially if you weren’t expecting it. So, is there such a thing as pay monthly funeral plans? Can you pay for a funeral in instalments?

The good news is yes, you can. Just click the link below that best describes your situation, and we’ll point you in the right direction:

  • I want to pay for my own funeral ahead of time
  • I am paying for someone else’s funeral


Can you pay for funerals monthly in advance?

Looking for a way to pay for your own funeral in monthly instalments, before you die? The answer is a funeral plan.

A funeral plan saves your family the stress of planning and paying for your funeral by sorting it all out ahead of time. It can also save money: you pay today’s prices for services that may cost more at a later date. You will have the option to pay up-front or monthly over the course of a few years.

Most monthly payment funeral plans cost £3,000-6,000 on average, and cover any funeral costs that are within the provider’s control. Such as:

  • The funeral director’s fees for collecting the person who’s died, transporting them to the funeral, organising the service, filling in forms, and making sure the person who’s died is taken care of
  • The coffin
  • The hearse, and additional transport for the family
  • A pot of funds for extra expenses, such as flowers and burial urns
  • Administration fees

There may also be cancellation fees, if you decide to withdraw from your plan later.

Because funeral plan providers can’t control all the costs involved in a funeral, your family may have to pay a little extra on top when the time comes. But the plan should cover all or most of the services they’ll need.


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