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Find local funeral directors in Glasgow

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, is home to over 100 local funeral directors. Supportive and experienced, they provide a comprehensive array of funeral services, working closely with families to fulfill their wishes for their loved ones.

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What kinds of funeral services are offered by the Glasgow funeral directors near me?

Glasgow is a city of considerable religious diversity, making it easy to find funeral directors who organise funerals for all faiths, as well as secular services. Family participation, visitations and green, eco-friendly funerals are also simple to arrange.

Independent and family-owned Glasgow funeral homes such as Fosters Funeral Directors and Anderson Macguire Funeral Directors can be counted among the most popular funeral directors in Glasgow. Both offer beautifully tailored arrangements, always going the extra mile to make sure that each funeral is as unique as the person that the ceremony is intended to honour.

How much do funeral directors in Glasgow cost?

The average cost of a funeral in Glasgow is around £4,074. Cremations are usually less expensive than burials, with the average cost of a Glasgow cremation sitting at £3,336 - that’s £1,475 less than the average funeral with a burial. Other things that can impact cost include the time and date of the service and fees charged by the funeral director.

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